I am new to blogging—oh, at first I typed blooging, hah–so I am experimenting. As usual, my way of doing things is mostly trial and error. Eventually, I am going to learn the cascading sheets and all the secret codes, but it takes a long while (for me) to decipher all that sort of thing. I don’t know yet what this site is going to be because, as I say, it’s experimental. I’m sure one day it will quit being experimental and turn into being, well, perfect. But right now I feel about as clever as a rock, so I’m going to go ahead and publish this brilliant drivel to the waiting world. I truly am happy, though, to put my art out there and just have it potentially viewed. I’m not sure why. Maybe that is something I’ll explore in the next bloog. Here, then, are two mixed media collages to hold you over til next time.


ticket d’art