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My mamia is an incredible one. The best thing about her–even now or especially now that she is 90 amazing years old–is that she is so eager to learn, to communicate, TO KNOW.  I just love that about her.

When Nanc and I spent the night

When Nanc and I spent the night

There are so many things I could say about her, but I think what I’ll do is just start now, publish,  and add more entries as I can. Hey! I’ve learned a few things in my time, as well, and I know that if I try to say EVERYTHING about Wina right now, I will wither away in non-completion hell.  SO…how’s about if I just start?? Does that suit you okay? Okay.

I love that she perseveres through everything with a spring-like quality.

She has THE most gorgeous eyes ever invented.

She is THE most loving and loved person any of us know.

There is more to come but this will go out into the airways, passages, byways and pathways for all to see because now is the time.