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Not real sure how I feel about WordPress today. They had some sort of disagreement with the maker of my “theme” which was called PressRow and so they discontinued it and substituted this one instead…called Parhipple or something equally odd. I can’t look up the name right now because I don’t want to. Anyway, a great number of my images are now scrunched up and it makes me very grumpy. What can we count on these days to remain constant, huh?? What? We live in a state of not knowingness, where there is an ulterior motive at every turn. Behind everything seemingly pure, there is a backstory that makes our mouths drop open and our heads shake slowly back and forth  in disgust or…worst of all…disenchantment.

I want to be enchanted and then…STAY enchanted. It’s not about WordPress or the Humpwhipple theme. It’s about What Really Matters Holding Forth and Being There Forever. amen.