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GestureDrawings, originally uploaded by suzesque.

The thing is, you’ve gotta stick your neck out–just as many of my figures here do. They stick their necks out because they have long necks and can’t help it. I, too, have a long neck and seem not to be able to refrain from sticking it out on the chopping block of life (where do I get this stuff???)

What I’m saying is that these drawings are not what you’d call GOOD. The thing they have going for them is Personality. More than that, they are ultra quick sketches drawn in ink pen (wonderful Microns) and the ink is indelible. There’s really no erasing like with a nice pencil. I did that on purpose.

I wanted to not be able to erase and to go fast and just see what fell out. It’s funny and a little bit scary to do and that’s why it’s good for me. The sticking my neck out part is the sharing of this in a public way.

It’s a new year’s resolution type of thing for me. If not now…WHEN??????????? huh?

I wrote this entry without erasing, too.