It’s the first day of September. For some reason this feels like a fresh beginning–maybe because I was a classroom teacher for so long and my spirit remembers this undeniable truth: the calendar is Everything. I’m not going to talk about the teaching profession today, though.

What I am going to talk about is a creative challenge to help get my artistic a@@ back closer to where I want it to be. It is currently way far out in the pasture and needs to be downtown. I don’t know exactly what that means but I guess I’m trying to be creative and, case in point, I’m so out-of-practice.

The challenge is offered by Flora Bowley, a delightful painter/teacher out of Portland, Oregon. She’s curated a list of 30 prompts, born out of one of her online classes called Creative Revolution. Of course this challenge promotes her business and I’m happy to help her do that. Personally though, I’m feeling a strong craving for more structure in my art-making experience, and this challenge came along, serendipitously, just at the right time for my fresh new September beginnings!

I’m hoping this month-long exercise in Showing Up will jump-start my return to intentional art practice that has been virtually destroyed by circumstances and subsequent malaise.

September 1. 

Quotify. Find a quote or saying you love and create a piece of art to honor & share it.

I DOUBT that I will be able to meet this challenge perfectly because at its core is a daily discipline. I am severely daily discipline-challenged. (Word of the day: challenge!) Still gonna attempt it, though, as the good stuff awaits, and I don’t want to betray myself by giving in to my fears around exposure and vulnerability.

See you here tomorrow.


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