September 7.

Creative Revolution Challenge. Today’s prompt:

Visual Riffing. Check out this simple exercise from the Creative Revolution E-Course, and start “riffing” with just a pen on paper.

Just quick sketches in a grid with a central shape, in this case, a pencil + a circle.

Still just playing around. I am definitely not in the groove with this; I’m sorta not that interested. I did this simply so I could post something regarding this month-long creative challenge–which is GREAT! This exercise isn’t new territory for me, as I’ve been around the block a few times–crawling, skipping, limping–and have been doing art for such a long time. *DOING* is the operative word here. Action is the weak link in my art and my life (hmmmm) so any action I can take is What Needs to Happen. I’m glad I know that.

much love,