Y’ALL it’s just been one of those weeks. Nothing major at all, just a bit of disruption and interruption and, worst of all, Bad Sleep. I do not do well with that aspect of life.
My hubby had a guy come out to power-wash our house ahead of painting all the outside trim. This guy would start way early every morning…now what is up with that??? Right away you know that cramped my style all to hell.

I started sleeping in the guest room downstairs with the blinds drawn, and there he would be with his loud compressor, doing the windows and siding. I’d trundle up with my pillow and blankie to the upstairs bedroom and he’d show up in a while, spraying water and potentially seeing in my windows and spraying water through the door cracks. I know!–poor ME!!

He is also reconstructing our back deck which will be great in the long run since it was completely coming apart at the seams. Anyway, I am not complaining; I am explaining. We all go through these minor disturbances, and when I think of the heartache all over the world, including the recovery from the worldwide flooding occurrences, I reiterate: I have absolutely nothing to complain about! My little world is beautiful despite my worries for the pain in the world-at-large. Just telling you what’s been going on.

During one of my sleepless phases this week, I decided to listen to some guided meditation. That is one of the prompts in the September creative revolution challenge:

Meditate. Whether it’s 20 seconds or 20 minutes, allow yourself to simply sit, breathe, and just BE. This free app is a treasure trove of guided meditations. http://www.insighttimer.com

Another sympatico prompt is this one:
Mandala Love. Create a mandala using any material you feel inspired to play with.

When I listened to the meditation, I became aware that when I hear the sounds of music and twinkly bells and nature therein, I see elements of my paintings. Images, spots of color, patterns, and trickling lines. Wonderful.

Rest assured, every night I say my Gratitudinals.