hollywood-baby I know you’re all going to be excited about this: I got my blog more organized today. It was fun. I am a beginner at CSS but I did a couple of things that I had to work hard for and then I got to raise my victory arms and bask in the glory of those graphics popping up just as I wanted them to do.

First of all, I looked back at the scant and pitiful first posts and realized that almost all of them said, essentially, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Which was true in such an obvious way. I simultaneously realized that I am so very tired of not only saying that but of being in that state. So I set about learning a little and faking my way through a lot.

I do know how to organize materials; I’m good at that. So I set up…what?…five pages: (I adore punctuation marks and parenthetical phrases, as well; can you tell??) 🙂 Let’s see, there’s Home, About Me, Photos, Vintage Bits, and Suze: The Works.

Home: The blog, which I think at this point is going to be about my life, thoughts, emotions, work, opinions, events and creativity.

About Me: I had fun pulling up images and there will be more to come. I’ve done a lot of self-portraits in my time, as I know for a fact (pretty much) that I’m the only one who avatardoesn’t care if I mess around with her visage. Wow, bad sentences are obviously part of this journal, but that let’s you know it’s free and I haven’t written it out ahead of time. You wouldn’t like that, would you? Who are you??? Anyway…next.

Oh and by the way, I wanted to mention that the About Me page is self-indulgent which is something I highly recommend. Feels quite good, actually.

Photos: This is just going to be some of my favs. Not snapshots so much, but photographs that have some quality and/or meaning and/or dynamism and/or a certain je ne sais quoi, should I be so fortunate to come up with anything worthy of that category.

Vintage Bits: This page will indulge my passion for bits of well-worn, quirky pieces that call to me.

Suze: the Works: Yay! I was excited to figure out a way to show my art on this page. I have started by dividing them into collections so that there’s some cohesiveness in the cataloguing and the viewing. That makes it sound like I’ve got stacks and stacks of art. Which I sort of do but not to the stackimost top of anything very tall. The point is, I PLAN to have stacks that tall one day and now I have a place to show them.

I will have to get more gigs, though, huh?