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Today it’s all about bebe. Do you know the comedian/actor Richard Belzer? Strangely enough, he lives in France, last I heard. I saw him on the telly several times last year with his mutt doggie, a precious pooch whom he had named Bebe. I can’t put the accents in but of course it’s pronounced Baybay, which is French for Baby.

Alors, why am I speaking of this? I have no idea. C’est une bonne idee, je pense. Pourquoi non? Broken French is like broken china, n’est-ce pas?

The point being…I have my own BeBe and here he is now!!! He is going by the name Tucker or better yet yet, Tuck-Tuck. Mais il est un bebe, oui c’est vrai. unnhh.

le bebe

le bebe