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This second day of the new year, I am gladly beginning a refreshed journey following 2010’s numerous  stumbles on the Highway of Life and many a Roadside Pit Stop, desperately needed for solace and shelter from the storm. 

Looking back, I recall the first of last year and all that I expected. I had made life-changing plans–big dreams–including the one where we were to sell our house and move into a coveted new home in a gorgeous setting. As it turned out, we could not sell our house, we did not move, and things became increasingly complicated as we floundered our way through to New Year’s Eve, finally bidding a very fond farewell to this year of pain, shock and hard-earned growth.

Today, somewhat ceremoniously, I lifted the old calendar off the hook on the kitchen wall and placed the new one there, opening a new chapter full of unknown events, anticipation and promise.

In Twenty-Ten, I learned a lesson. It is essential to our very life’s breath to always, always make glorious, delicious plans.  We must also know that Life will surely continue to bombard us with difficult circumstances that we must overcome, ignore, incorporate or embrace. Despite all odds, some incredibly wonderful moments will blaze gloriously through to shine fully forever and ever.

Today let’s sign a pact–to make some brilliant moments and string them together in a beautiful necklace stunningly accented with pearls of wisdom, beads of fun and precious jewels of joy!