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Sketchbook Challenge 1.5.11, originally uploaded by suzesque.

I’m doing the Sketchbook Challenge! I’ve just started, but have already figured out that the “challenge” part is not the structure of the project itself. The women who designed this have made it so very easy to enter and to tailor things to individual tastes, styles, abilities and time constraints. There’s absolutely no pressure as to when or how to sketch, and no limits or requirements as to how many entries to create or display. I would just say it’s all very “ish.”

Which I love, love, love.

The “challenge” however–for me, anyway–is actually doing this thing without too much cringing and second-guessing. I can manage to get to my studio and pick up the pencil or the pen or the brush, but then I am often not satisfied with the output. Guess what! That is exactly why I need this exercise!

Everybody always says that practice is the key to drawing. From experience I know this is true. And I also admit that I’m extremely rusty because I haven’t been practicing. If I am motivated by this project to draw everyday, then I’m bound to improve, right?

It’s one thing to draw and never share my work. It’s quite another to make it public. I consider myself an artist, so here I am, being one for all the world to see. Scary, but ever so necessary!

This whole thing may seem a bit sketchy, but I think there’s some hope that it just might come in handy-ish.