THIS FIRST BLOG POST in a looooong time is simply an invitation to you–to explore my newly refreshed website full of art and images.IMG_6310 Thanks for clicking through and visiting!

This promises to be a dynamic year, hopefully one filled with new art work spilling out of me onto my large beloved canvases as well as experimental journal pages.


img_7673I broke my hip in a freak accident a few months ago. Recovery has meant a hiatus from painting because I couldn’t stand at the easel. Happily I’m getting better day-by-day and am planning a lot of easel time in the near future.









IN the meantime, I’ve had fun creating a lot of digital images!


I hope you’ll click on the menu items and take a look around. Hit the very visible social media buttons on my pages to connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Subscribe to this blog too, where I’ll be posting  musings and images of all sorts. Make your comments please!

It’s gonna be fun to share & learn and to inspire creative growth in each other!