September 3.


Listen to a Podcast About Creativity: Some of my faves:

THIS was a beautiful day–72 and sunny–so of course I was on the porch a lot of the time, communing with the birds who also seemed pretty blissed out. They had lots of seedy snacks; I had refreshing pineapple/strawberry juice on ice. I looked over the journal my daughter gave me when I was in the hospital in Boston with a broken hip last October. Tra la.


Later in my studio, I worked in a journal while listening to a podcast. I randomly chose one hosted by Tiffany Han who interviewed Danielle Krysa.




There was talk of dealing with the inner critic and with artist’s block. Danielle has written a couple of books that look like they might be useful. She interviewed 50 working professional artists and got some illuminating advice on how they handle these bugaboos.


I learned some things and, importantly, got a lot of ideas for other resources, as in “one thing leads to another….” If you’re a creative (and who isn’t???) check out these gals. They have some really good ideas. I am definitely going to incorporate more creativity podcasts into my art practice.


Until next time, come on! Make a mess.