September 4.

creative revolution challenge

Use your non dominant hand. Embrace the awkwardness and let go!

FOLX, it seems I’m having technical difficulties tonight no matter whichway I turn. Damn glitches. It’s debatable whether I’ll be able to complete this post, but I’m determined to log a post for this day come hell or high water. I’m sick of the trouble with not only this post, but with something I wanted to link to, AND with my HBO series The Leftovers where I wanted to watch Season Two and no! just…the glitches! Erk.

It’s interesting. The Leftovers is just slightly unnerving anyway–very subtly so–and there’s this character who periodically slays goats. I was watching it yesterday and it hit me how many GOATS I had seen in images, stories, and videos all throughout the day. Is this a sign? I tentatively googled–if that’s even a thing–and saw, much to my relief, that goats are not necessarily an indication of Lucifer or pure evil or anything which I was fearing just a titch. So the symbolism around goats is mixed, varied, and mostly a matter of opinion. I will research more fully later. But for now…

this nondominant hand assignment MUST BE POSTED before midnight. Here it is and it’s weird and incomplete. Wouldn’t you know it: that befits the topic. Awkwardness, imperfection, exploration, letting go of outcomes. I must confess that I’ve explored other-handedness in the past quite a bit. Mostly regarding writing. In fact, one of my all-time bestest gurus, the incomparable Lucia Capacchione, introduced me to this concept with her book The Power of Your Other Hand. Highly recommend and a subject for another post.

A right-hander myself, I drew a bit today with my left hand.


I have more to say about this, but you know DAMN GOATS!